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Personal Comfort Products
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Do you know someone within the broad spectrum of sensory sensitivities, Autism, Aspergerís Syndrome, restlessness, etc.? Are you a therapist, chiropractor or spa owner looking to enhance your clientís experience? When was the last time you felt stress-free and relaxed? Are you searching for natural, effective, calming, stress relief?

LB Comfort, LLC creates a variety of products for professional and personal use. These comfort products enhance the relief of stress, discomfort and pain, leaving you with a pervasive feeling of well-being and calmness.

LB Comfort, LLC product line includes Weighted Autism Vests, Weighted Blankets, Therapeutic Wraps and Packs, Eye Pillows, Stress~B~Gone, Flash Packs and Knots~B~Gone which provide pressure, tactile touch and proprioceptive input.

There are numerous sizes to choose from. All products use natural ingredients to give you a wholesome, therapeutic experience.

Consult with your qualified professional for the weight that is best for the user.

Featured Product: Weighted Autism Vests for Children

LB Comfortís Weighted Autism Vest is designed to look like regular clothing! This weighted vest was designed with the autistic child in mind. The slight weight offers a calming effect and is also known to offer relief for restlessness. The Autism Vest is cotton denim with four 1/4 lb. weights for the Extra Small and Small sizes and four 1/2 lb. weights for the Medium and Large sizes. The pockets for holding the weight are inside the Vests for even weight distribution at the hip area. The weights do not shift in the Vest, are comfortable to wear during play, and are not visible from the outside. Consult with your therapist for the weight that is best for your user.

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"After receiving severe spinal injuries while in the service many years ago, every day activities and a good nightís sleep has been nearly impossible. Over the years I have had several surgeries involving the spine and rib cage. Surgery has helped a great deal but "Father Time" has not improved the situation. I have opted not to have any more surgeries and to search out ALTERNATIVE MEANS to restore the bodyís natural process; "The body can heal itself, just give it the right tools!" You have created one of the tools. These would be your "Therapeutic wraps and weighted blankets". I use your Neck and Shoulder wrap (dry heat and moist heat) and the weighted blanket every day."

- C A M; USAF Retired, Disabled American Veteran

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"Thank you for your prompt service!! Itís been a pleasure doing business with you."

- Cathy U.

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