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Contact Us 603.292.6000 | Made in the USA
  • Comfort Products

    LB Comfort, LLC creates a variety of products for professional and personal use. These comfort products enhance the relief of stress, discomfort and pain, leaving you with a pervasive feeling of well-being and calmness.

  • Sens-able Solutions

    Do you know someone within the broad spectrum of sensory sensitivities, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, restlessness, etc.? Are you a therapist, chiropractor or spa owner looking to enhance your client’s experience? When was the last time you felt stress-free and relaxed? Are you searching for natural, effective, calming, stress relief?

  • Calming, Cold or Hot

    • All products are calming just from the weight.
    • All products can be cooled in the freezer – instant ice pack :)
    • Products made with “cotton” filled with “flax” or “corn” can be also heated.

Featured Products

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We are offering a $13.00 discount on one of the most popular Wraps the “3 LBS Calming Size” for one week~ Read more